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  THE STORY SO FAR......   

Rerun Furniture Service ltd formally (Rerun ltd) was set up on the 6th April 2004 to collect and redistribute reusable items of domestic appliances to those in need within the Hull and East riding area's.  It was first registered with companies house as a not for profit company limited by guarantee and on its 10th anniversary year in 2014 was registered as a charity. 

At first Rerun only dealt with the electrical items which were collected, pat tested, function tested and then put out for purchase at a small cost to cover their overheads.  A year after the start Rerun took over the furniture side of things from the local charity Eternal Benefits who were doing a similar thing to Rerun, but only dealing with furniture  enabling those coming to Rerun for the electrical items were able to get the furniture they needed at the same time and have it all delivered in one go.


At the time, the project ran from two buildings one which was rented off the Eternal benefits charity on the Quadrant, and the other which is still their home today inside the Roebank arcade Building on Bodmin rd at Bransholme.


In 2007 when the big floods hit Hull rerun took over from the council the distribution of donated furniture to help those flooded and during that time distributed free hundreds of items to those most affected.


By 2008 the funding that had been secured back in 2004 had a year earlier ended and with no further funding being available the then management and trustees felt that the time was right for them to step down in order to concentrate on their own jobs.  At the same time it became clear that Rerun could no longer continue in the same capacity as it had done whilst having the funding there to cover half its costs and as a result the project manager and a number of staff took voluntary redundancy leaving just 4 members of staff remaining, three of whome formed a management team along with the three new directors in an attempt to continue the work in a smaller degree.


Over the following years changes were made in an attempt to balance the accounts but this was to no avail and the company no matter what it did couldn't find a way to cover the costs of running the project, increased costs and the decline of income from sales as a result of the recession meant that even more changes were going to have to be faced if Rerun was to stay afloat.  At this time too a unique partnership with the councils own homeless team saw Rerun delivering essential items to homeless people being re housed enabling them to start to rebuild their lives quicker,  they also set up a scheme with the councils call centre to redirect re usable items away from landfill and into the hands of many people who can make use of items that still have plenty of life in them.


December 2013 saw Rerun leave the Quadrant it's home from the start to merge with the Bransholme showroom in an attempt to cut costs and stabalise the accounts.  Photo's were uploaded to the facebook page on a daily basis growing the popularity of it from just over a thousand in January to over three thousand by October.  Many new contacts were made with local council departments, community and voluntary groups churches, local charities and anyone really who works with those most in need in the community. In 2014 the project extended its collection and delivery area to cover Barton Upon Humber too which opens the door for those just the otherside of the Humber bridge to access the service Rerun provides too.


Two of the major changes made in 2014 was the official name change to Rerun Furniture Service and the registration as a charity which was completed on the 4th of August, a great way to mark the 10th anniversary of Reruns incarnation. Since the merger of both shops to one and the changes made the charity as a whole is in a better position, financially and operationally and they look forward positively to another 10 years of helping the most vulnerable in the community.  They continue to live up to their mission statement which is to relieve poverty through the provision of furniture and domestic appliances to those in a disadvantaged position.


As we moved forward into 2015 we continued to work hard to meet the needs of the community we work with.  We have started a new venture the rerun hardship fund which enables us to give that little bit extra help to those who really need it. 


2016 has got off to a busy start meeting the needs as we come into contact with them. we have successfully managed to gain funding to re stock our hardship fund account so we are now once again able to give that extra bit of help to those in serious hardship as we come accross them.


We are looking to replace our current van this year which is now 11 years old with a newer model and have been successful in being awarded funding to help towards the cost of this although we are still around £4000 short.  In replacing our present van it will hopefully mean fewer repair bills, especially the larger one's we've experianced over the last 2 years and hopefully provide a more reliable service.

We have now moved to our new showroom based on the busy Princess avenue in Hull. No.2 Princess court. Just 2 doors down from the Jet fuel station.  Hope to see many of you there.