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       So who are Rerun Furniture Service?                                             

 We are a registered charity (No. 1158112) working in Hull, Barton on Humber and parts of the East Riding. With the support of local churches, council's & other social organisations we aim to relieve poverty through the provision household items.

We collect donated items that are in a re-usable condition free of charge and pass them on for a small charge in the community.


In 2007/2008 we distributed the flood furniture for the council to those most affected by the flooding and each year we collect in the reagion of 100 tones of household items with only around 5 - 10% of that needing to go to landfill which is great for the environment and helps thousands of people too.


We are working closely with Hull City Council's homeless team providing furniture for some of the most vulnerable people the council are re housing. These can be people moving out of hostels and off the streets, domestic abuse and many other reasons for needing help to restart their life.

 We work with the local council's of the area, local churches & community groups, probation service & social services to help vulnerable people get household items which otherwise they may not be able to afford.

We are the only charity to work with the city councils call centre to reuse items that would otherwise go to landfill and recycle centres.

We are fortunate to receive an annual grant from the James Reckitt Trust but otherwise do not receive any regular external grant funding to support the furniture distribution, our costs are mainly covered by the income gained through the showrooms.  

We are always looking for outside support to help subsidise our work and over recent years huge thanks goes to The Hull and East Riding charitable trust, The Sir James Reckett charity trust and Hull Aid in sickness fund for kindly making donations to help us continue our work in this very difficult time financially.

We are now open at our new showroom on Princess avenue, Hull.  Just 2 down from the Jet garage.